Monday, 23 September 2013

Tips for walking in warm weather

A glorious summer’s day is the perfect time to head out into the countryside and enjoy a walk.  However, a
lot of people make the mistake of failing to prepare for the hot weather.  Here are some crucial tips to avoid any walking mishaps…

Protect against the sun
With Britain experiencing record high temperatures, protecting yourself against the sun’s rays has never been more important. Be sure to use a sun lotion with a high SPF and apply it at least half an hour before heading out. It is not enough to just apply the cream once so remember to reapply at least every two hours or whenever you feel necessary. Wear a hat to protect your head from the sun and reduce the risk of suffering from sunstroke. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and make it easier to read maps in bright light too.

Layer up
The British weather is renowned for being unpredictable and ever-changing so choose an outfit that will protect against all weather conditions. Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics and layer them up. The layers will be useful if the weather turns colder and you can always remove a layer if you are too hot.

Appropriate footwear
We all know the importance of wearing the appropriate shoes whilst out walking.  The comfort and support of a walking boot is essential to the enjoyment of any walk.  However, on a hot day another factor comes into play – keeping your feet cool.  Select a boot that is made from breathable material to ensure that your feet don't overheat and remain dry.  A decent range of affordable, breathable walking boots are available at Millet Sports.

Keep hydrated
Whilst walking in warm weather, a large amount of water is lost from the body through sweat.  It is important to keep hydrated in order to replenish the water lost to avoid feeling ill.  Before you set off on your walk, freeze a bottle of water.  ice will slowly melt providing you with a refreshing, ice cold drink.

Pack a snack
Long walks in the sun can be physically demanding on the body.  Keep your energy supplies up by packing
yourself a range of snacks.  A banana would be a good choice as it is a form of slow release energy. Likewise, pack oat-based nutrition bars as these are high in carbohydrates which will provide your body with a wealth of energy to keep you walking all day.

Pace yourself
The heat of the sun will leave you feeling tired more quickly than you normally would. Combat this by pacing yourself. Walk at a manageable pace and don't push yourself too hard. Try to walk in shady spots, underneath wooded areas as these will be cooler and allow you to walk longer.