Thursday, 20 October 2011

The National Trust Walking Festival

On Saturday 22nd October, the National Trust hosts its first nationwide Walking Festival - with events throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Whilst the Trust has organised walking festivals in the past in a regional capacity, this nationwide festival is a great move forward.  It signifies not only the growing popularity of walking, but the increasing realisation we have to become more active as a nation if we are to change the bad health habits we've slipped into.

With its massive membership, the National Trust is perfectly placed to help get people walking.  And it's also perfectly placed to help breakdown the myth which has grown about walking - that somehow you need to climb a mountain or ascend a fell for it be a good walk.  It does not.

What makes a good walk is varied - and it means different things to different people.  For me, a good walk is one which inspires and enlightens; if I'm with others, the walk should provoke conversations; if I'm alone, it should put my troubles firmly into perspective with the ways of the world.

The many walks offered during the National Trust's Walking Festival all tick these boxes.  They might not be authored by someone whose initials are AW, but they all have great stories to tell about our country and its history.

For more information about the Walking Festival, visit the National Trust website. here

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