Thursday, 12 January 2012

Gear Review - Little Life Children’s' Animal Daysack by Littlelife

Getting young children out walking isn’t generally easy, but by following the advice on our website here it becomes a bit less of a challenge.  Now, one of the pieces of advice we mention is “For a real treat, give them a small knapsack to carry.  Then they can hold the bits that they find along the way” – and the Little Life Children’s' Animal Daysack certainly fits the bill.

First of all it simply looks the part – available in 10 different animal designs, they are distinctive and colourful – and instantly the children are hooked.   The daysacks are intended for children between 6 months and 3 years, and they have a enough amount of adjustment on the back straps to cope with that wide size difference.  The straps have a degree of minimal padding, but even so wouldn’t hurt the little wearer.

On the top is a grab handle, which I’ll leave you to decide is for either a child grabbing the bag or for parents grabbing a child… Just to the front of said handle is a zip to the top pocket which to allow the exit of the water-resistant hood.  Now, unlike most grown-up backpacks, this water-resistant hood isn’t really for the sack – it’s for transforming the little toddler into the animal of their choice to match the design of the daysack.  It’s a neat little feature which will certainly stop wet hair in an unexpected light shower.

The main compartment of the daysack has a capacity of 2 litres, and so is ample for a small drink, some healthy snacks (of course) and the obligatory 3 soft toys who need to come out on every expedition.  Inside the main compartment is a name & address tag, which must be completed by every parent…

The pièce de résistance of this little daysack is the Removable Parent’s Safety Rein, which transforms this innocent daysack into a way of controlling a wayward toddler and keeping them safe whilst exploring.  The Safety Rein is roughly about 1 metre in length and has a great wrist strap on the parent side and attaches to the daysack via a loop at the top of the sack.  This allows parents to easily clip the rein on out of sight of the little wearer – very important that.  As I'm quite tall, I'd prefer a longer rein so that my youngest can have a bit longer roaming - especially when I'm walking our two dogs.

Overall, the daysack is a great addition to the family with toddler who wants to make the transition from pushchair to walking.  The Safety Rein is really what us parents are buying it for and they comply with the safety standard BS EN 13210:2004 – which relates to Children's safety harnesses, reins and similar type articles – we know, we’ve looked it up.  It’s not the safety or the restraining powers children will be interested in, but just the bright designs and magic of having a grown up backpack.

My youngest daughter loves having a sack “just like Daddy’s” .  Our daysacks share shoulder straps, compartments to carry stuff, zips with a secret hood and even a chest strap.  Mine, however, isn’t red and have black spots on it.  Deuter, you’re missing a market there me thinks…

What’s good...
Fantastically creative designs
Built-in water-resistant hood for the wearer
Adjustable shoulder straps
Detachable Parent’s Safety Rein

What’s bad...
Minimal padding on the shoulder straps
Parent’s Safety Rein possibly could be a bit longer

Little Life Children’s' Animal Daysack - Rough Price - £18
Walks Around Britain rating 8/10


  1. These are great day packs for kids. We recently bought one for our son and he loves it so much he wears it around the house!

  2. aww "just like daddys" - thats sold it for me!