Monday, 2 April 2012

Podcast Edition 002 - Show Notes

This second edition of the Walks Around Britain podcast features exploring around Britain with Richard Vobes - aka The Bald Explorer, three walking festivals from around the country in April and an interview with Pauline Sanderson who undertook the World's Longest Climb.

We hope you enjoy the second edition of our new podcasts, and here on our blog we'll be putting show notes - with photos, short videos and links to relevant sites about the topics covered in each edition.

The Bald Explorer

Richard Vobes - aka The Bald Explorer (left) - has 3 great programmes on his website at the moment, and work is progressing on the forth.

You can find these 3 programmes, as well as countless podcasts, photos and updates on the massive amount of work it takes to make the forth programme on the website.

Richard also has a Facebook page for The Bald Explorer, which we highly recommend liking :)

Walking Festivals

The 3 walking festivals we featured are the Newton Stewart Walking Festival, the Swanage and Purbeck Walking Festival and the Boscastle Walking Week.

To find out more walking festivals in Britain, have a look at our Great British Walking Festival calendar

Pauline Sanderson

To find out more about Pauline's epic adventure, book "The World's Longest Climb" is available from Amazon here.

She's speaking at the Keswick Mountain Festival in May, and if you want details - here the link to her page on the site to book tickets -

Pauline's own website is

So, that's the second edition then! If you've any comments or suggestions, please e-mail them, tweet or facebook them. Or use the "Send us a Voice Message" tab on the right of the blog to let us know your thoughts via audio.

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