Monday, 15 October 2012

Five tips to spot wildlife on your Autumn Walk

Autumn is a great time to be spotting wildlife, and it's simpler than you might think find your inner Chris Packham...

1. Take A Break

Instead of racing through on your walk, take it steady and rest for a while to look around.  Not just to make sure you don't tread on anything, but also to keep your eyes open for footprint trails.  If you are stopping for any length of time, make sure you're layered up to keep warm.

2. Blend into your Environment

Leave that red fleece behind, turn your mobile phone onto silent and zip your car keys away in your pockets.  Blending in is the name of the game when trying to spot wildlife - so dark coloured clothing and hinding away into the shadows helps your chances.  Also, if you are snacking, try to avoid crunchy snacks which make loud noises in the quiet of the landscape.

3. Rhythm of the Rain

Don't just be a fair-weather walker - getting out in the rain will mean you'll see all the insects and worms who love wet weather.  And they then bring out more birds... Who then bring out bigger birds...

4. Dawn or dusk

Picking the right time greatly increases your chances of wildlife viewing - and the best times are either at dawn or at dusk.  With a bit of research you'll be able to identify animals favourite drinking spots, shelters and hind-outs.  And don't forget to bring a torch to light your way - a head torch is a great idea to keep hands free.

5. Remember to put it back

It's so important not to disturb things, especially during breeding seasons - and if you do, replace it.

And remember also to take a camera - and post some top pics to our Facebook page please!

What wildlife have you spotted on Autumn walks - please let us know.

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