Thursday, 7 February 2013

Great Outdoor Blogs to read... part 1

Hopefully, you're a regular reader of our blog - and if you are, you'll know we like to you point to other resources on the interweb you might be interested in.  So we've searched across the web to find out more great walking and outdoor blogs which you might be interested in...

Heelwalker1 - aka Tanya Oliver

Tanya is a familiar name to anyone who regularly listens to our monthly walking and outdoor podcast as she's taken us on walks through Ashdown Forest in Sussex and on a Fix The Fells volunteering day in the Lake District.

Well, currently, Tanya is the Programme Coordinator for the Fix The Fells project and her regular exploits both regarding her time on the project and her wider walking experiences are related in her very well read blog.

Walking The Blog - Charles Hawes

Since May, Charles has been writing this blog about walking.  It's mainly about walking the Wales Coast Path - which opened fully on May 5th 2012.  Charles' motivation for the blog came from finding many websites with maps and routes - but few offered commentary and really useful information.  

So, from that perspective, Charles' blog is an interesting insight into the experience of walking and the discovery that makes the journey worthwhile.   Visit his blog here.

The Quirky Traveller

Zoe Dawes is a traveller.  She's not interested in the posh, the outlandish or the ordinary - she's interested in the quirky.  Travel with a difference; with added appeal.

Zoe's very popular blog features her writings on her many travels around the world and looks at life from a different angle.

Her writing has a distinct charm and character - so much so she won the title of "Britain's Best Travel Blogger".

Discover her blog at and join her on Twitter here.

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  1. Both Tanya and Zoe are 'on my patch', in fact Zoe started me off writing my own blog. Can highly recommend them as a good read.